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Bushfire Consultants

The staff at ABSP have vast experience spanning several decades and more. Our experience in bushfire threat mitigation solutions can provide a better economical and environmental outcome for our clients.

ABSP can provide 'Deemed To Satisfy' (DTS) advice  and for those trickier non complying sites a 'performance solution' could possibly be developed. ABSP are experts in the application of the 'Short Fire Run' methodology. 

ABSP can provide you with the best outcomes for complying development or performance based solutions and can help develop a bush fire management plan for your home or development site.

ABSP are experts in the application and development of a performance based solutions for low risk vegetation and apply a deterministic mathematical model known in the industry as a 'Short Fire Run'.

ABSP can assist your designers in the planning stage to ensure your subdivision layout complies with current legilation therefore reducing costly delays and late changes.