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Solutions for building on
Bushfire Prone Land

Legislation in NSW requires a bushfire threat assessment be provided with development proposals on bushfire prone land. The ‘Bushfire Prone Land Map’ is used to locate those properties and to ‘trigger’ legislative requirements for proposed development.

Bushfires in Australia have become a way of life for people living in rural areas or on the bushland interface. All too frequently we read about, and in some cases witness, the awesome destructive and life threatening power of bushfire. Preparedness is the key to survival. Living within the spectacular panorama of the Australian bush can be achieved safely as long as we are prepared, vigilant and observe basic precautions. ABSP provides professional assessments to support development proposals located on bushfire prone lands. Legislation within NSW requires Development Applications (DA’s) for properties located within areas identified as 'bushfire prone land' to be supported by a bushfire assessment which examines the performance of the proposed development against guidelines identified within planning documents produced by The Rural Fire Service in collaboration with Department of Planning and Environment.

ABSP staff are considered experts in the application of the "Short Fire Run' methodology and performance solution.

Australian Bushfire Safety and Planning' can prepare your reports to satisfy current legislation.